Breaking-in Mouse

mouse sal 03

Mouse was purchased by our member 'Skye' a while ago at a livestock market. When Skye talks about a condition score of 1.5, she means that Mouse was so thin that all of her ribs were showing, her neck had no muscle, her withers and backbone stood up, and her rump muscles had wasted away!

Mouse was young, branded, and obviously unbroken. From the way she responded when she arrived, Skye knew that Mouse had had a lot of rough treatment, which probably involved ear twitching, throwing down on the ground and, possibly, stringing out.

Although Mouse is branded, Skye says she does not want to know her history at the moment as it may influence the way she goes through the breaking-in process. She just wants to read Mouse as the horse reacts to each stage, and then respond accordingly. Once the process is complete, Skye may then find out from her brand Mouse's bloodlines and background.

Mouse Videos: