Final Results for WEG

The final results for Vaulting, Carriage Driving, Jumping and Para-Dressage are:

Jumping – Individual ‘Top Four’ Competition
Photographs © Kit Houghton/FEI


Phillipe Le Jeune/Vigo D’Arsouilles – Belgium – GOLD
Abdullah Al Sharbatly/Seldana di Campalte – Saudi Arabia – SILVER
Eric Lamaze/Hickstead – Canada – BRONZE

Note: They did not ride their own horses in this phase.
The ‘Top Four’ competition is an interesting way to determine the best riders and the best horse, at the competition. The top four riders, after the jumping events have been completed, go into this phase. They swap horses and then complete their rounds. The horse with the lowest number of penalties is awarded ‘best horse’ and the riders compete for the medals.
Rodrigo Pessoa, and his horse HH Rebozo, entered this phase but he was placed fourth.


The Best Horse was Hickstead

We have included two videos featuring Phillipe Le Jeune (Gold) and Abdullah Al Sharbatly (Silver) in the ‘Final Four’ competition. Remember, they are not riding their own horses.

Jumping – Team

674_GermanTeamJumping_200pxGermany – GOLD
France – SILVER
Belgium – BRONZE


Carriage Driving – Individual
Photographs © Rinalso di Craen/FEI


Boyd Exell – Australia – GOLD
Ijsbrand Chardon – Netherlands – SILVER
Tucker Johnson – USA – BRONZE

Carriage Driving – Team


Netherlands – GOLD
Germany – BRONZE

There are three phases to the competition – Dressage, Marathon and Cones – and all of them require incredible training and accuracy.

Have a look at the following three videos.
Two are from the FEI and explain the competition as well as Daniel Wurgler competing in the ‘Cones’ phase, while the other is the 2009 World Cup Combined Driving showing some exciting Marathon Driving.
If anyone thinks that Driving is easy or something you do when you’re too old to ride, have a look, you may change your mind!


Vaulting – Female Individual
Photographs © Dirk Carmans/Kit Houghton/FEI


Joanne Eccles/WH Bentley – Great Britain – GOLD
Antje Hill/ Airbus – Germany – SILVER
Simone Wiegele/Arkansas – BRONZE

Vaulting – Male Individual
Photograph © Kit Houghton/FEI


Patrick Looser/Record – Switzerland – GOLD
Kai Vorberg/Sir Bernard – Germany – SILVER
Nicolas Andreani/Idefix de Braize – BRONZE

Vaulting – Team
Photograph © Monique de Smit/FEI


Germany – SILVER
Austria – BRONZE

We have included two videos below from the FEI, one explains the Vaulting competition at WEG, while the other includes some of the performances at the 2008 World Vaulting Championships.


Para–Dressage – Team
Photograph © Kit Houghton/FEI


Great Britain – GOLD
Germany – SILVER
Denmark – BRONZE

There were too many individual grades to note them all down, however we have included below an FEI video, which covers all the top results. All the Para-Dressage riders are just amazing!