Modern Pentathlon World Cup Series 2011

For the first time in nine years the World Cup of Modern Pentathlon returns to the United States.


The 2011 Modern Pentathlon World cup opened on February 23 in Rancho Mirage, California.

Based on 19th Century cavalry training, pentathlons include five athletic disciplines for men and women, either as teams or individuals.

These disciplines include:

• Equestrian Showjumping
• Fencing
• Pistol Shooting
• Running
• Swimming

The Modern Pentathlon is based on competitions that were held at the original Olympic Games in Greece, which were also based on military skills and training.

In 2011, the competition will include environmentally friendly laser shooting, which was introduced in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Rancho Mirage will continue to host these competitions through to 2014.

We have included a video, which describes how the competition is run along with some of the highlights.

Do we have any ‘pentathletes’ out there?