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Hun Princess Graveyard Secret

Sourced from Mongolia Today – online magazine

A Hunnu princess’s graveyard, discovered in Mankhan located in Khovd province (western Mongolia), has given up some wonderful secrets to the excited archaeologists.

813 Mongolia 1996 CIA map

Professor Navaan, who headed the expedition said, “We were really lucky. The graveyard was not plundered. Though the wooden cover was demolished, the coffin chamber was well preserved “.

The Hun princess who lay undisturbed for about 2,000 years was barely 20 years old when she died. The wooden walls of the coffin were held together by leather strips, which were amazingly well preserved. The side-walls of the coffin were ornamented with four flower petals and remnants of the green silk wrapping could still be seen.

782 Hunnu-princessInside the coffin they discovered golden earrings, a hair comb, bronze decorations, wooden plates covered with gold and other personal belongings of the Hun princess. The larger box, which enclosed the coffin, contained a bronze jar with engravings of various animals, metal bridles, details of horse equipment as well as a large chariot wheel.

Five horse skulls had been placed on the northern side of the burial, with one horse’s head turned towards the coffin. Archaeologists believe that the separate horse’s head belonged to her best-loved horse, and was meant to stay with her on her journey after death.

The burial chamber was about 16 metres deep, which indicated that she was an important noblewoman.

Comment: We included this story because of our interest in the discoveries that are being made to expand our understanding of our relationship with horses. It was also a bit sad that she died so young along with her horses.