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Newsletter 38…

Thursday August 4, 2011

Hi Everyone!

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Well, I just got back from the gym…my push for a fitter winter break…now I have legs like jelly, arms that don't extend and abs (wherever they're located) that I'm sure are hurting as well. The funny thing is that as I walked out of the gym I thanked 'Chris the Trainer'…WHY!!!! All he does is cause pain and laugh. He should be called 'Chris the Cruel', or 'Culprit Chris'…if you can think of any other name let me know and I'll pass them along…I'm sure he'll laugh some more.

He made me pant so much that when I took a drink of water it went down the wrong way…and then came up again…out of my nose and mouth all at the same time…charming! My fellow victims (also called group members) laughed…why am I surrounded by sadists!

Last week I had to fly to Melbourne to see our daughter…she wasn't feeling too well after being bitten three times by red back spiders. She didn't even know that she'd been bitten until they did some pathology to find the culprit. By then it was too late to give her the antivenom, but the bigger problem was the golden staph infection she got as a result…nasty little critters!! She's now on the road to recovery and it was great to see her and to spend some time in Melbourne…great city, fantastic restaurants and we got to see the incredible Tutankhamun exhibition. All in all a great result with the added bonus…I didn't have to go to the GYM!

This week should be just as hectic with our son deciding to defer his Degree this semester to take up a supervisor’s job at an archaeological site around Lake Eyre in South Australia. So all his possessions have to be moved from Canberra to here, then get him down to Sydney for a flight to Adelaide where he can get a flight out to the site. It's a great opportunity with only one downside…we wont be able to see him again until the end of the year…humungous phone bills are coming our way. Oh no, I might not be able to afford the Gym fees…what a shame!

Now back to Its My Pony and the new things we have for you this week.

We have lots of News stories covering Sheath Cleaning, Hendra Virus, a Horse-drawn Hearse Championship, Equitana Tickets, a rare White Thoroughbred, lots and lots of new videos to share as well as as a new Newsletter Competition for members. Remember that Horse Talk News is a public section so everyone can access the stories and videos.

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Photo from Fir0002/Saperaud

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New! 'Newsletter 38' Competition for Members

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The prizes and the type of competition may change but the winners will always be the fastest to either answer the questions correctly, or the fastest to undertake some other task.

That means you should open your Newsletters and read them quickly so that you are the first to respond!

This week’s competition is based on our 'Endurance' article. It involves six questions that can be answered by reading the article.

Your prize will be $10AUD, and we'll send it to you anywhere in the world!

1. Who took part in the first non-competitive endurance rides, during the 1800s, in America?

2. When was the first competitive ride in America and what was it called?

3. Name the famous Australian who, with the help of Tom Quilty, developed the Tom Quilty Endurance Ride.

4. Who won the first Quilty riding bareback for the entire 160km (100 miles). Hint: See Photos

5. Name the four main veterinary tests that a horse has to pass before it is allowed to start or continue an endurance ride.

6. What is the endurance riders’ motto?

Now, read the article and send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the first email with the correct answers will be the winner.

We will then send you an email to let you know. To get your prize you will need to send us a return email with your address - as you know we do not collect these when you register.

Don't worry, as part of our Privacy Policy we will never sell, rent or pass your address onto anyone else (Read our Privacy Policy on the ItsMyPony website), or for any other purpose than to deliver your prize.

We will publish the winner's 'Username' in the following eNewsletter and include your Username in the Competitions page located in the Members Corner menu.

The only thing left to say is…GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

You can find the 'Endurance' article by clicking the blue title above, then go to the 'Horsing Around' menu and select Endurance. You will need to be a member and LOGIN with your Username (ID) and Password.

Photo released into Public Domain by Indian Joe

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Should You Clean Your Horse's Sheath?

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You wouldn't think that this would be a controversial subject…but it is!

Dr Espy is a specialist in equine reproduction and fertility, practicing in Texas and Kentucky, and he is on the Board of Directors of AAEP, and he doesn't think we should.

We have reproduced his paper with minimal editing and have retained his format of 'myth and answer'. We have also given the opposing view as well as a possible compromise.

This is an important subject for all owners of stallions and gelding…so have a read and see what you think.

To read this story just click on the blue headline. You do not need to be a member to read the News section.

Illustration from Millhouse Veterinary Services

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Hendra Virus Update – Important Fact Sheets!!

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The Australian Horse Industry Council have produced three excellent Fact Sheets.

They include:

• Bats and Trees

• Property Design

• Reducing the Risk of Hendra Virus

If you want to minimise the risk of your horse contracting Hendra virus, then these fact sheets are essential reading…no matter where you live.

Our US readers should also read this information as Hendra is closely related to Nipah virus in America.

We have also included an update on the current situation as well as two videos from ABC TV.

Hope you find this information helpful!

To read this story, see the Fact Sheet pdfs and view the videos, just click on the blue headline. You do not need to be a member to read the News section.

Photo from treeworld info site

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National Horse-Drawn Hearse Championships…WHAT!

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This isn't as strange as it sounds!

In the UK horse-drawn hearses are, once again, increasing in popularity…so why not have a Championship event.

It's certainly not as crazy as 'World Nettle Eating Championships' or the 'Wife Carrying World Championships' or maybe some others that we've covered in previous news stories, like Bog Snorkeling.

Got to love the Brits!

To read this story just click on the blue headline. You do not need to be a member to read the News section.

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Rare White Thoroughbred…Stunning!

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White horses are rare and especially so when they are registered and raced Thoroughbreds.

The Kentucky Horse Park is certainly lucky to get 'White Prince' for its Breeds Barn.

True whites have all pink skin without any trace of black, so don't confuse them with grey horses that turn white with age.

We have also included two videos of white horses…they really are stunning.

To read the story and see the videos just click the blue headline. You do not need to be a member to read the News section.

Photo ©

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Lots Of Videos To Share

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Lots and lots of new videos to share with everyone!

Latest FEI Videos…four videos covering Falsterbo, Aachen and Hickstead

World Horse Welfare…three videos about rescuing some ponies and rehoming Baron

Arabians…a beautiful video from the birth place of the breed

Fresians…a wonderful video from Frederic Pignon

Liberty and Horsemanship…three very different videos that we think you'll find interesting (Warning: Rick Gore does use mild bad language)

Fun…this kitten is absolutely crazy…it reminded me of our daughters 'late' cat

We hope you enjoy them!

To view the videos just click on the blue headline. You do not need to be a member to go to the News section.

Screen shot from Frederic Pignon video

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Equitana Tickets On Sale

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Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

Tickets are now on sale…just go to the equitana website!

For four days, from November 10 to November 13, Sydney Olympic Park will see the best of the best in just about every equine discipline and activity.

So get along if you can!


Logo ©Equitana Australia

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The winner of our 'Newsletter 37 Competition', was mars.

Well done! You not only answered all the questions on Colic correctly, but you did it at the speed of light.

We had several correct entries, unfortunately they just weren't quick enough.

If you want to win you will need to open your Newsletter quickly!

Once again, congratulations mars, you're a champ.

Illustration from wisepreneur

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Enough is enough – that's it for this week.

Except for this quote: "A horse can lend its rider the speed and strength he or she lacks, but the rider who is wise remembers it is no more than a loan" ~ Pam Brown


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