How to advertise on is designed to help people develop their horsemanship skills with a broad platform of unbiased horse knowledge to improve understanding, care and training techniques.

Unlike printed magazines (and most websites attached to those magazines, which seem to be just an uninspiring support for the printed publication), our site offers readers a more immersive experience, with video and audio to help make difficult topics a more understandable and enjoyable experience.

Over the last two years we have concentrated on not only expanding the content of, but also increasing the participation to our current level of nearly 3,000 page views per month.
These figures will continue to grow with our regular promotional activity. Despite being an Australian-based website, currently about 40% of our members and readers are in the US and UK.

Although people involved in equestrian activities and sports have very high participation rates, the vast majority are at an amateur or recreational level. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want the best for their horse – they do: the best feed, the best tack, the best float or the best instruction.

By advertising with us you will be tapping into this broader equestrian market, which is predominantly female (depending on the type of activity) across all age groups. Although the statistics start from 15 years, the strongest age profile is with the 25 to 54 year olds, from an AB socio-economic group and residing either in country areas or on the fringes of major cities.

We are now in a position to offer competitively priced advertising which, because of the structure of our site, can be either broadly or specifically targeted to a particular market or product category.

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Specifications for ads

JPEG; GIF; Flash or HTML.
1. If submitting Flash (SWF) files, please be aware that mobile phones and iPads do not display Flash. It is recommended you also supply a static image file to be used as a fall-back.
2. Please restrict animations to a minimum of 1 second delay between frames. 3 loops maximum. Up to 7 seconds per loop.


Maximum 150K

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