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National Horse-Drawn Hearse Championship…WHAT?!

This might sound strange to our readers in the US, Australia and New Zealand, however our UK readers will understand why hearse driving can be made into a competition…well maybe not all of you.

Anyway, Bakewell Show in Derbyshire will run the first-ever ‘National Horse-drawn Hearse Driving Championships’ in August.

It seems that horse drawn hearses are, once again, becoming popular in the UK with a 6% increase last year.


The entrants will not be judged on speed… thank goodness… instead the team of horses will lead an empty hearse… again, thank goodness… around a parade ring and they will be judged on their appearance, decorum (no smiling or waving, please), and smoothness of travel.

Funeral horses are usually Belgium Blacks (Friesians), which are well known for their jet-black coats.

Of course, there are many unusual competitions, which we have highlighted in previous News stories, but we thought we would mention a few more, such as the ‘World Nettle eating Championships’ and the ‘Wife Carrying World Championships’…interesting!


Comment: Horse-drawn funerals don’t always go to plan. At a funeral in Tooting, South London, the horse bolted, dragging the coffin 75 metres leaving mourners horrified…WOOPS!